Mission Control

Mobile Command Center (redacted)

photo credit: Eliza Morse

photo credit: Rony Rivera

photo credit: Rony Rivera

photo credit: Rony Rivera

Behind the scenes for Belk.

Back stage pass.

Grady Healthcare.

Disney's Jungle Cruise MoCap.

Mama June: Not to Hot Promos

Presented without comment.


In the Laboratory.

Baby DIT cart. V2.

Do work boys.

Nothing to see here.

Some setups are more mobile than others.

Seriously. Keep your filthy paws to yourself.

Private office.

Delta TechOps - Print shoot for Bose.

Color charts are serious business.

Number 1, or Number 2?

We bring our own beach.

Radar, technician in training.



A little to the left boys.

Comfort is important.

More guts.

Let's cut some cable.


Test all the things.

I'm not brooding. That's just my face.

I will wrangle all the data. Just watch me.

Creepy house was creepy.

Moments before being buzzed by a helicopter (seriously).

Up top.

Pew Pew.

Art and Science.

This IS my excited face.


Location, Location, Location.

Should we tell him? I'm not going to tell him. You should tell him.

Interesting problems require interesting solutions.



Mobility is key.

If it's stupid, but it works, then it ain't stupid.


I'd tilt down to show you the set of Black Panther, but I'm still afraid of being sued.

Sometimes I make photos.

I hope we have everything.

That harness wasn't as comfortable as I'd have hoped.

*click clack*

Load In

Liquid Fuel

There are no problems. Only unresolved issues.


Stay on target.

Creature Comforts.

Office of the Day.

Allllllmost got it.

Back to 1.

Frazier Center. Atlanta, GA

No such thing as too many bags.

Someone has to supervise.

What's cookin'?

You can't see them, but Alvin and the Chipmunks are down there somewhere.

Let's get weird.


All clear down here. Back to you Marv.

This kid is going places.

I still don't know where they came from.

Getting it JUST right at the Publix Apron's Cooking School.

Back to my roots.

Pre-Light day for the Atlanta Hawks.

No comment.


Turner Photo Studio

Watch your step.

Am I doing it? I'm doing it.

High speed, but just a little bit.



The calm before the storm.

Tell me. Where can I find the Nuclear Wessels?


Oh Hai.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Ready camera 1. Take 1.

*wiki wiki wiki* *screeeeetch*

That's a wrap boys.


Always striving to make things look better than real life.

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