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about brian

I'm Brian - an Atlanta based commercial photographer, and while I specialize in portraiture (of the deep and moody variety, not the stuffy kind) I shoot a little bit of everything simply because I enjoy the variety and the adventures this kind of work allows.

I was born in West Michigan, and I must admit that after upgrading from a "real job" in the corporate world years ago and moving to Atlanta, I've become a bit spoiled by the warm southern weather. I venture into the frozen tundra of the north with a minimum of four sherpas, and even then only rarely when my mom calls to (very nicely) remind me that I haven't been to visit in a while.

When I'm not on assignment (who knows where) working on still or motion projects, I spend quite a bit of time outdoors backpacking, hiking, rock climbing etc. You get the idea. Outdoorsy as heck. Although when the weather drops below 50F, you'll find me indoors complaining about the cold, playing tabletop games with my friends or putting some serious mileage on my kindle.

If you value thoughtful, challenging, high quality story telling driven projects (that don't lean heavily on post production) over every run-of-the-mill "good enough is good enough" work, get in touch and let me help bring your next project to life.

past clients

  • 22squared 
  • AAW Pro Wwrestling
  • Avon Protection
  • Bergera Rifles

  • Dalton Agency
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Good Thinking Atlanta
  • The Home Depot
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • The Weather Channel

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